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Local • Homegrown • Sustainable

We’ve been blessed to supply our family with meat for generations. We appreciate knowing where our meat comes from and what goes into getting it from our pasture to our plates. 

We offer a variety of cuts, packages and other options. Give us a call today to customize an order for your family.

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Now Available: Soup Bones

Kick the chill with homemade stocks and broths, as easy as tossing soup bones in a pot with water and cooking for one to three hours with or without meat, herbs and veggies.

Benefits of bone broth: 

  • Weight loss

  • Skin health

  • Digestion

  • Joint pain

  • Immune system

  • Sleep, mood and energy

  • Blood sugar control 

  • Brain health 

Cut chuck roast into 1 inch pieces & brown on all sides Add sweet potato, carrots, onion a
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It’s easy – and normal – to have questions about your food. Here at Steiner Farm, we want to make it easy for you to understand and make decisions that are best for your family! Below is some information and helpful resources.

Our family has been raising beef for generations. We’ve explored agricultural practices around the world, earned degrees from three universities and continue to bolster our animal agriculture knowledge and experience. We would love to share our insights with you and help you feel good about the food decisions you’re making. Always feel free to give us a ring or shoot us a note with your questions! 

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